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LaShawn Deal



SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 2021 (12 NOON - 2:00 PM)

This webinar is packed with powerful speakers to help homebuyers and renters understand the home buying process. Knowledge is POWER, without the information, you can not make an informed decision or even take the 1st step in the home buying process. We will have a mortgage lender, home counselor, settlement officer, and a home inspector to provide information to help you make the decision to say, "YES".

Most renters have been renting for over 3 years and feel as if they are STUCK because they don't know who to trust or they are so comfortable in being a tenant because they say, "I don't have to fix anything", and "It's not my responsibility". Homeownership provides security, stability, generational wealth, tax shelter, and much more. Homeownership is for you!

All attendees must register. All registrants will have a chance to win a $25.00 gift card. Winners must be present to win and have completed the registration form in its entirety (All information will be verified). The gifts will be mailed to each winner. Please click the link below and fill out the registration form completely.